Overview of the Slot Game Crystal Catcher

Do crystals and frogs share any commonalities? We hadn’t either, until we happened upon the Crystal Catcher slot machine from Push Gaming. The reason for this is because Crystal Catcher is an updated version of Fire Hopper, a cluster-paying grid slot that made advantage of the frog’s propensity for hopping to trigger various bonus features like as multipliers for winning combinations, immediate prizes, and free spins. All of them are back, along with a totally new focus and some major adjustments to the numbers.

At first glance, it appears like Crystal Catcher has relocated its gameplay from the lily pad-lined pond to a location underground, maybe the site where crystals are mined. Crystal Catcher retains its previous top-down perspective, with the playing grid taking up the most of the screen space in the middle. It’s not as charming and quaint as the sprites from the last game, and it lacks any sort of visual flair. However, it is effective, as the background music is reminiscent of a mining thud. It’s the kind of melody that conjures up images of beefy miners stomping down a mine shaft, pickaxes in hand, ready to start smashing things.

The 49 spots on Crystal Catcher’s 7×7 board contribute to the game’s cluster pays victory feature. A winning combination is produced when five or more identical symbols appear in a vertical or horizontal row next to each other. It is possible to rack up many wins in a row on the same spin thanks to the way winning clusters are blasted off the board and replaced by symbols falling from above. Crystal Catcher is a very unpredictable slot machine with many variations, the top of which has an RTP of 96.30%. Players may place wagers ranging from 10 pence to £/€100 every spin, with the option to spend an extra 20% on a “Ante Bet” to boost their chances of triggering the bonus round.

Crystals of different colors and shapes make up the game’s six standard symbol payouts in Crystal Catcher. A cluster of 5 symbols pays 0.2 to 2 times the wager, while a cluster of 16 or more symbols pays 12.5 to 100 times the stake. The pay symbols get more spectacular as their value increases.

Features of the Slot Game Crystal Catcher

Two wild symbols, a Crystal symbol, a Bonus Crystal symbol, the Crystal Catcher function, Instant Prize symbols, Free Games, and bonus buys are all still there and accounted for.

Aim for the Wild Symbols

In Crystal Catcher, both the Wild Beetle and the Wild Gold Beetle may stand in for any other normal paying symbol. Multipliers for Wild Beetle symbols begin at x1 for the first symbol. When the Wild Beetle symbol flies during the Crystal Catcher bonus round, it adds a multiplier of 1 to every win it helps create.

Crystal Catcher, a Symbol of Crystals

Crystal symbols have no monetary worth, however the Crystal Catcher function is triggered whenever a Wild Beetle sign and a Crystal symbol appear on the screen at the same moment. Two things occur when the Wild Beetle sign hops over to the Crystal symbol. The multiplier of the Wild Beetle sign grows by 1, and it leaves behind a Golden Wild Beetle symbol in the space it vacated. When a Wild Beetle symbol moves to gather Crystal symbols, Bonus Crystal symbols, or Instant Prize symbols, the multiplier for that symbol grows by 1.

Extra Wins with the Crystal Bonus Symbol

The Crystal Catcher Feature is triggered when a Bonus Crystal symbol and a Wild Beetle sign appear on the screen at the same time. Seven free games are unlocked when the Wild Beetle sign brings in a Bonus Crystal symbol. The Wild Beetle sign is locked in place during free games, whereas Wild Gold Beetle icons fall to the ground randomly.

Win Instantly

Win an Instant Prize worth anywhere from 1x to 500x your wager. Landing on an Instant Prize sign will cause a Wild Beetle to take flight and reward the value, perhaps increasing the multiplier.

Freebie Get

The standard bonus may be purchased by players for 75 times their wager, while the Super bonus can be purchased for 275 times a player’s wager. Super bonus players have a better shot at winning Instant Prizes, Crystal symbols, and the three higher-paying symbols.

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